Getting ready for HeyCane prototype version 0.2 pilot event

Tuesday, Sept 17th, 2019

A pilot is going to be taking place soon in October, please sign up to the RevolutionEyes newsletter to receive a notification for more details about the event. The aim of the pilot is to obtain feedback from users for the prototype HeyCane version 2.0.

After we performed the user testing for the first prototype, we were told that the material is weak. The technology was not accessible, and the durability of the device was not long lasting. For this reason, we have listened to our users, and we have taken on board everything that was said to us. HeyCane prototype version 0.2 is going to be completely different. A new form of material is being used thanks to the use of 3D printing. By working with new developers, the technology has enhanced, and it is considered to be very accessible. However, we cannot proceed without listening to the user’s feedback. We want to make sure whether the prototype is good, before we proceed to the manufacturing phase.

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